To The Email Subscribers


This is my friend Nathan’s photo from Paris. I featured it in a post last night as a way of testing my new blog design. It looked so cool on the site, I thought it was perfect. Then, I was notified that those who subscribe via email got nothing in their inbox. Squat.


So…about last night.

Apparently, it’s not very wise to make significant design changes to your blog at 2:45 in the morning. The mind doesn’t seem to be very fresh at that time. So that’s how you ended up with a post that talked about a picture you couldn’t see…unless you went to the website, saw the changes, and could figure them out.

I’m always looking for a website design that is expressive of my particular style. That’s why the look of the website changes sometimes, even if it doesn’t change that much. I like things clean, modern, and with a punch of color. Last night, I thought the current format would offer me that plus a really neat way to feature some awesome pictures I’ve been given access to for free.

Looking at it this morning, I don’t think that way any longer.

Guess I’ll be changing designs again at some point this morning, so until then, please know you have my most profuse apologies for sending you a post that wasn’t a post. Hope finally getting to see Nathan’s awesome photo makes up for it a bit.

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