The Lights of Christmas

My friend, Josh Rouse. Awesome.

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christmas lights

Our house is adorned with Christmas lights each year. It’s been a tradition of ours for a while. Some folks prefer white Christmas lights. I’m more of an assorted guy. I’ve just always liked them more than the “classy” white lights.

Over the past few years, my Christmas lights-a-palooza has expanded. This year, I added lights around the upstairs windows. Last year, I added lights on a few trees close to the house. A timer commands each section of lights. One of the timers, however, has a mind of its own. Sometimes, they come on when they are supposed to. Other times they don’t. Sometimes they shine brightly in the dark. Other times I’ll come home for lunch and there they are: begging for attention in the daylight.

When the timer goes haywire, it negates the light’s purpose. The Christmas lights have been made to shine in the darkness. But…

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