Forget the Math

Sometimes, we get too focused on the math. Sports is the king of this – sabermetrics, fantasy games, even broadcasters are obsessed with finding that next nugget, that next formula that will somehow quantify the qualitative nature of athletics. Business is just as guilty – how much did we produce, how much did we sell, how great was our profit?

It even leaks into the church, but I’ll leave that for another time.

Point is, sometimes it’s not about the numbers. In fact, it’s never about the numbers. Not really. The numbers will always be a product of caring about the central concern: people.

I love what I read in the Book of Romans the other day: “God doesn’t count us; he calls us by name. Arithmetic has never been his concern.”

He calls us by name. How might things change at work if you focused on the names around you rather than the numbers they produced? What if by focusing on the name, you would increase their production?

John Maxwell says it this way: “What asset has the greatest potential for actually going up in value? People! If you help people become bigger and better on the inside, eventually they will become greater on the outside.”

We live in a results-oriented society, and production is and will always be an effective measure of health and maturity. But when you focus too much on the production, you destroy the asset that produces – people. You have to nurture one in order to get the other. That was Paul’s point in the Romans passage I quoted: God knows and deals with you before he expects anything from you.

Take a break from the math. Take a moment with your people. You’ll find everything works better together in the end.

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