Take Aways

This week I participated in Seth Godin’s #YourTurnChallenge. My goal was to blog everyday (Mon-Sun) here on my site as well as on the challenge’s official Tumblr blog. This is my Day 7 (and final) submission.

The writing prompt for today is: What are you taking away from this challenge?

I’ve been blogging for over 7 years now. I jumped at this challenge not to motivate me to post everyday, or to simply get something going. I said yes to the challenge so I could see just how large my tribe is. I wanted to know I wasn’t alone.

I’ve not been disappointed.

For the longest time, I thought I could take my skills as a writer and turn them into something profitable. I imagined that my writing would impact so many people that folks would trip over themselves to get to me.

I had the wrong mindset. It’s no wonder my imagined “success” never came.

This week, my blog stats have been meager. But I’ve had upwards of 10-20 people share my links. Once upon a time, I would’ve been bummed by the low visit totals; but now, I’m ecstatic that 10-20 people thought enough of some of my posts to share them.

I’m slowly learning it’s not the size of the tribe that matters.

It’s not even how much that tribe supports you.

It’s the fact you have a tribe at all.

I take away gratitude to know I’m not alone in my journey to create things that help provide perspective and meaning. I take away joy in knowing I’m not flying solo when it comes to writing words that inspire or encourage or uplift. I take away humility in knowing that there are members of my tribe who are much better writers than I.

I take away commitment to keep pounding out words that might help one person over the course of a lifetime.

So to all my fellow #YourTurnChallenge authors, thank you for the journey. Thank you for some stunning and insightful blog posts as well as some I truly didn’t understand. Thank you for putting fingers on keys and keeping with it, for sharing your work, for shipping your gifts to the world at large.

If we keep at it, we will eventually change the world for the better.

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