A Veteran Explains Trump

David Brown and I go way back. Like, over 35 years back. He lived next door to me when I was a kid, and we were fast friends. I spent many an afternoon or weekend either at his house, or hosting him at mine. We didn’t have everything in common, but that didn’t stop us from being friends.

I knew from the time I was probably 7 that David would have some kind of career in the Armed Forces. It was in his blood. He was the only kid I ever knew who treated patriotism – and engagement with government – as an almost moral responsibility. Even though we went our separate ways after high school, one thing I knew would always remain the same was David’s love for our country and the principles upon which it was founded.

That’s still true today. I asked for and received permission from David to use some of his comments on one of my Facebook threads to compose a guest blog post on Trump. It’s no secret I don’t think Donald Trump is worthy of the presidency, and I’ve been completely baffled by why so many people I know are vehemently supporting him. David’s comments helped give me perspective on why some folks are in on Trump, and I wanted to share them.

I still don’t think Trump should be elected. I will not vote for him. I present this post only as a way of providing a window into some of those who will cast their ballot for him, because I believe the only way forward is if we make an effort to understand one another again.

David’s comments appear unedited, with the exception of spelling and punctuation corrections. I did arrange them for a better flow (since they were cut out of a FB thread), but the content is his and his alone. I thank him for permission to share.

Please, please, please know that I will not approve, reply or otherwise engage with negative or ad hominem attacks on David or his thoughts. I’ll simply delete them and move on. If you want to engage over this, it will either be positive, or you’ll need to share the post on your social media feeds and have at it there.

A Veteran Explains Trump

By David Brown

I genuinely try to be intellectually honest and consistent.

I’m less concerned with party platforms, and MUCH more concerned with following our founding principles. I have had to change some life long positions and opinions because they don’t stand up to the principles of the Constitution.

The trouble with that is, it challenges the beliefs of people in both parties…and my own mind for that matter.

I think that 2016 is this:

The left has become so anti-American in every single one of its efforts. Totally undeterred or influenced by the Constitution. Led by people like the Clintons and Obama that want absolute power over us, and yes those two have different reasons for wanting it.

I think due to the new alternative media, the people have seen through the hope and change veil, and are angry at the real agenda of the left. It doesn’t smell right. They want to stop it.


On the right of center, people have become tired of milquetoast, Democrat-light candidates (McCain, Romney, Jeb Bush, Graham) that want to just go along with the Dems, but at a slower pace. They want someone that will stop the erosion of our country, and restore the rule of law and our Constitution.

In walks Trump. A bombastic figure that isn’t afraid to say what he thinks despite political correctness.

It’s refreshing to hear someone actually stand up to the democrat thought police, and push back the boundaries they’ve imposed on us.

He tapped into what the right (and blue collar Dems) are angry about, and he speaks out.

The people like it.

So, despite his asinine appearance and behavior (a la Twitter) the people flock to him. I don’t think THAT many people believe he’s a political savior. I think that he may likely commit blunders and stumble as President, but at least he’ll fall walking in the direction of efforts of American greatness, rather than the freedom limiting socialist agenda of the left.

The GOP lost its way. As you said, they’ve lost the base. I think the GOP elites fail, because they did the same thing the dems did… They became elites.

Elitists care and focus on maintaining their status.

You can’t help others, or shepard a flock, or protect the Constitution if YOU are the most important thing.

That’s why we need congressional term limits. We were never meant to have a permanent political ruling class. Give them a 6 -8 year limit, and take away that massive lifelong retirement they have, and put them in the Tricare medical insurance system like they military. That would do much to burn out the corruption in DC.

Trump is not the GOP, but he’s sitting on their throne. The whole “Never Trump” thing was about the GOP careerists wanting to maintain power. Think about it.

They’d rather LOSE the election and put Hillary in the White House for eight years, just to maintain their internal party status and to have the chance to tell the base “told you so, should’ve listened to us” on the other end. All at the expense of the Nation.

I’m honestly not a Trump fan. But, I’m going to vote for him for expedient reasons:

  • He’s not going to continue democrat socialism.
  • He’s not a life long criminal
  • If he just gets into office and sits like a lump, he wouldn’t hurt us as much as Hillary doing her best.

I’m fed up with career politicians and our “rulers.”

On both sides.

2 thoughts on “A Veteran Explains Trump

  1. Why would a Christian not vote or vote for Clinton and thus continue supporting abortion? Seems like a loudmouth who at least resists abortion is a better alternative. I’m curious Explain how helping the candidate who is going to add more bodies to the 50 million aborted children is the godly thing to do.


    1. Robert – I didn’t say I was voting for Clinton. I also didn’t say I wasn’t voting. I’m still weighing my options. For me, this election cannot be a one-issue election – if for no other reason than I have absolutely zero faith in Donald Trump to hold to any conservative position, but especially on abortion.


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